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Orange Mountains District Committee
We welcome new volunteers.  To become a District volunteer, please contact the District Chair.

District Chair -- Greg La Morte
District Executive --Ken Smith
District Commissioner -- Ken Fineran

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner -- Nancy Garelick
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner -- Marc Tarabour

District Vice Chair for Administration --Bill Mebane
District Vice-Chair --Nancy Garelick
District Vice-Chair for Communications -- Don Gurry

Activities Chair - Ken Fineran              Committee Members -- Nancy Happel (Scouting for Food) and Peter Eakley
Advancement Chair -- Gil Neto                  Committee Members -- Judy Lind and Bret Duallo
Camping Chair--Carol Platt
Dean of Merit Badges -- Judy Lind
Membership Chair -- Scott Gaipa                      Committee Members -- Clayton Carr and Ken Booker
Nominating Committee Chair -- Ken Fineran
Popcorn Chair -- Karen Stallsmith
Training Chair -- Vacant                         

Training Team -- Clayton Carr,  Nancy Garelick, Greg LaMorte, Marlene Lynn, Bill Mebane, Kathy Walsh, Karen Stallsmith and Marc Tarabour

Venturing Chair -- Vacant
Youth Protection Coordinator -- Karen Stallsmith                  
YP Facilitators -- Pat Lewis, Bill Brady, and Rev. L. Richard Vossler

Finance Chair -- Owen Mc Nany                            Family FOS Chair -- Paul Judge