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Membership Committee

A district membership committee does the following to ensure a steady, balanced membership growth in the district:

1. Gather information.

Work with the district executive to establish a plan for new-unit and membership growth in the district.
Plan and conduct boy-fact surveys to find out how many boys there are of Cub Scout and Boy Scout age.
Plan and administer Explorer career interest surveys (if your district also has responsibility for Exploring).
Analyze district membership figures on the number of Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and Explorers for the past several years.
Find out where units of each age level are located to help decide how many units of each type will be needed and where.
Track membership growth throughout the current year. Develop a list of all potential chartered organizations in the district. Gather information about various types of community organizations, as well as individual organizations within each type.
Keep a list of all Scouting units that have not added new members during the past 6 months. District Scouters help coach units that show no growth in members.

2. Cultivate relationships with community organizations.

Encourage community organizations to use the Scouting program. Conduct district relationships conferences.
Share information with other district Scout leaders about how to work more effectively with various types of organizations.
Run a training conference for heads of chartered organizations and chartered organization representatives.

3. Organize Units

Recruit and train organizers for new units as well as those needing reorganization.
Organize new packs, troops, teams, crews, and posts. Conduct a new-unit campaign and plan to bring Scouting to a number of organizations.
Reorganize units that need a new start. Make sure that new or reorganized units are under the care of a member of the commissioner staff before you leave.

4. Help youth join existing units

Plan and carry out district roundups and other youth recruiting campaigns.
Help existing units develop a plan of year-round recruiting and a willingness to look for new members.