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What is a Unit Commissioner

A Unit Commissioner is a volunteer like you with some background in Scouting and the ability to empathize with and understand the problems unit leaders face when trying to operate Scouting's Programs. A Unit Commissioner is provides service to one or several units. He or she becomes their main contact with the District.

By visiting units regularly, the Unit Commissioner will help relay the units needs to our District. No matter how capable your District Commissioner, District Executive and District Chair; (these positions make up the District Key Three), may be, they cannot possibly visit all of the units in the District. The Unit Commissioner plays a key role in keeping and making our units strong. Other

Commissioners help train leaders by running the monthly District Roundtables.
We need your help. More specifically, our units need your help and your expertise. You've been involved with the Scouting Program, probably for some time and you have experience. Other people do not have the benefit of your experience.

Think back to your earliest memories of Scouting. You were new. You were green. You were full of enthusiasm, but light on knowledge. Someone, some time, helped you. Maybe you fumbled along in the dark until you could go to training. It does not have to be that way for other volunteers. You can help them by being a friend and serving as a Unit Commissioner. Please contact your District Commissioner, Bob Newbery.

Once again: "Thank you to all of our Commissioners".