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What is Advancement?
Advancement is the process by which youth members progress from rank to rank in Scouting. Ranks are simply a means to an end, not an end in themselves. Everything youths do to advance and earn these ranks, from the day they join until they leave Scouting, should be designed to help them have an exciting and meaningful experience.

Education and fun are important functions of the Scouting movement, and they must be the basis of Scout advancement. A fundamental principle of advancement is that youth members will progress as a result of participation in the unit. In a unit with a good program, youth will advance naturally as a result of unit activities, and by taking advantage of the available advancement opportunities.

There are four parts to advancement:

1. The boy learns in meetings, in activities, and on his own.

2. The boy passes badge requirements in a natural way, as successful completion of each requirement is demonstrated.

3. The boy is reviewed to discover whether the experience he has had is in line with what the requirements set forth. (There is no review in Cub Scouting.)

4. The boy gets the badge for the satisfaction it gives him to have his achievement recognized.