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This Year's Klondike Derby Will Be Held on Saturday, January 25, 2003 in the South Mountain Reservation!

The Klondike Derby is an annual and much-celebrated Scouting event.  Boy Scout Patrols compete against other patrols in their own Troop and in other Troops in a series of competitions combining winter skills and basic Scouting knowledge, such as First Aid, with teamwork and leadership skills.  The Klondike Derby is always held outdoors, typically in a wooded location or in fields where there is plenty of room for a variety of tests and games.  Patrols are responsible for transporting all of the equipment they will require for the entire day with them at all times, and weather permitting, make use of the famous "sledges" for this task.  Each test or skill is located at a station known as a "town" and typically named after a location in the Klondike region.  All towns are run by volunteer Scouters.  Because the event is held outdoors rain or shine, and with or without adequate snow cover for sledges, Scouts are required to "Be Prepared" for whatever conditions they may face.

IF YOU ARE A SCOUT, SCOUT PARENT AND/OR NEW LEADER preparing youth for their first Klondike Derby, it is important that you make sure each Youth is equipped with the proper cold weather gear, including gloves/mittens, headgear, all-weather gear (raingear), waterproof footwear, etc.  Scouts spend the entire day outside, often in harsh conditions, and the proper safety measures taken in advance will help prevent illness and injury, and insure that the Scout has a fun and meaningful experience.  For more information about Cold Weather Camping/Activity Gear, please consult the Information for Scouts and Scout Families section of this web site.

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