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Orange Mountains District, NNJC

Unit Fundraising
Policies & Procedures

        Unit fund-raising projects play an important role in enabling units to obtain new equipment, go on camping trips, and participate in other activities and events. More important, the way a unit earns money is of great importance in the education of youth members in basic values. Usually, these projects fall into four groups:

        Your district finance committee is responsible for keeping units informed of national policies concerning unit finance and for approving proposed unit money-earning projects like those listed above. In addition, be sure that the members of your unit committees understand their responsibility for guiding the finances of the unit. These individuals not only promote the proper use of the unit budget plan and administer unit funds, but they must also be familiar with unit money-earning policies.

The following BSA policies are designed to protect both the unit and the good reputation of Scouting:

General Guidelines for unit money-earning projects include: On the back of the Unit Money-Earning Application, you will find a set of 10 questions for units to answer as they plan their project. If they answer "yes" to all the questions, it is likely the project meets Scouting's standards and will be approved.

The Unit Money-Earning Application is available through the Council Service Center.